Snow Bird Estate Planning

Snow Bird Estate Planning

Have a vacation home, time share, or second home in another state? While Naples is a great place to visit, do you want your loved ones to have to go to ancillary probate proceedings in Florida because you did not secure a proper estate plan? We are licensed in Michigan, Florida, New York, and New Jersey and stand ready to assist you no matter where your home away from home may be located. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Babnik law can help you ensure that vacation home, cottage up north, primary residence, and/or investment property are properly incorporated into your new or already existing estate plan through the use of Lady Bird Deeds, Enhanced Life Estate, LLC formations, and updated trusts.

Those who already have an estate plan should ask themselves, have I ensured that all of my property is incorporated into my plan to avoid probate and creditors? If the answer is not a confident “yes”, contact Babnik Law today to arrange a consultation and review of your estate plan.

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