Guardianship proceedings can be some of the most difficult and emotional proceedings for the parties involved.  A guardian is a person who has qualified as a guardian of a minor or a legally incapacitated individual under a parental or spousal nomination or a court appointment.  The court uses the standard of whether or not the guardianship serves the welfare of the minor or incapacitated individual.

When seeking guardianship of a minor as a grandparent or interested person, you must show the court that those currently charged with the care of a child are unable to provide the necessary care or because of death or incapacitated.  In Michigan for example, guardianship can be limited, temporary or full, and the arrangement is subject to review by the court. The guardian has authority over a minor until that guardian is removed or dies. The guardianship is also removed if the minor child dies, marries, becomes adopted or reaches the age of majority.

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Babnik Law has successfully represented grandparents and other interested parties in seeking guardianship of minor grandchild and other individuals stuck in dangerous and volatile situations across Michigan. The legal road to successful guardianship can be tricky. Call today to schedule your consultation to discuss your unique situation and found out how we can help.

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