Parental Rights

Parental Rights

The Babnik Law firm defends the rights of men and women who are involved in legal cases regarding paternity, divorce, child custody, and more. For years, I have been an aggressive parental rights attorney in Florida and Michigan. If you feel your rights as a father or mother have been threatened, I’m on your side. In child custody cases, the court tries to establish the most beneficial living arrangement for the child based on factors such as:

  • Safety and Stability of the Home
  • Ability to Provide Financial Support
  • Ability to Provide Access to Health Care
  • Active Involvement with School and Child’s Friendships
  • Overall Positive Influence on the Child

Whether you are a father who feels slighted by a judicial system you feel tends to favor the mother in custody hearings, or a mother who has endured years of deceit and manipulation from your child’s father, our firm will aggressively demonstrate that you are a capable parent who deserves time with your child. Whether you are seeking sole or shared custody, our law firm works diligently to improve your outcome in the courtroom. We have extensive experience in dealing with narcissistic personality disorders that try to manipulate parenting situations in their favor.

Consult with an Experienced  Attorney

It is crucial that you consult with an experienced attorney in matters as important as your paternal rights. If you need to fight for your right to have time with your child, dispute a support obligation, or receive advice and representation for any other parenting-related legal matter, call our office today.

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