Aretha Franklin- A Warning About Failing to Plan

Why EVERYONE needs an estate plan

The passing of Aretha Franklin is a tragedy now compounded by the fact that multiple news outlets are reporting that Aretha Franklin passed without any will or trust. The quote from the New York Times articles that drives home why estate planning is so essential is that “it costs oodles and oodles of money to handle the mess after the fact.”

If the cost of probating an estate does not deter you from continuing on the path of not having a will or trust in place, take note that had Aretha utilized a law firm like Babnik Law and created a revocable trust for her estate, she could have kept her finances private and avoided the probate process altogether. Now, all her assets, family disputes, and distributions will become public record for the whole world to see.

Regardless of whether you are a music icon or the Average Joe, EVERYONE needs an estate plan in some form or another. Find out which plan is right for you by contacting Babnik Law today. We can customize your estate needs to avoid the prying eyes of the public and save you “oodles and oodles of money!”

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